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For Track-1 Top 30 participants have been shortlisted.
However if any of the top 30 is unable to travel to Delhi, then names will be taken from rest of the 11 participants in the order as they appear. The decision of Jury in this regard will be final.

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Cyber Peace Foundation(CPF) is an award-winning nonpartisan civil society organization.

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29th Jan 2020- Announcement
25th February 2020: Last date of Submission
26th & 27th February 2020: Primary Level Screening
4th, 5th & 6th March 2020: Jury Meeting for Track 2 & 3
6th March 2020: Announcement of Result for Track 2 & 3
8th & 9th March 2020: Bug Hunting at NCRB
10th March 2020: Announcement of Result for Track 1
12th March 2020: Award Ceremony

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